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Grocery Basket

Sharing Our Blessings for 
Easter  2022

Smoked Meat

With the start of warmer, sunnier days comes the promise of Easter, not far behind.  As we progress through the Lenten season, let us also remember those who are still in need of wholesome food in the fridge and a stocked pantry.   The Hedges Chapel Outreach Committee invites you to join us in sharing our blessings with families in need this Easter.  We are continuing with the 10 families we helped at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They have been identified by Starting Points from the Pleasant View Elementary School area.  The food will provide a nice meal as well as supplies to utilize the leftovers and stock the pantry during these difficult times.


We are making this request early to give you time to incorporate these items into any food delivery, contactless pickup, or other shopping that you do.  Please donate ONLY these non-perishable items. 




Sliced Pineapple (can)

Mac & Cheese (large, 32 oz. box, no singles please)

Vegetables: (cans) Corn, Green Beans, Diced Tomatoes (low sodium if available)

Pancake Mix

Pancake Syrup

Dried Black or Navy Beans (bag)


If you would rather make a cash donation for fresh food items, please write “Holiday Outreach” in the memo section of your check made payable to Hedges Chapel and send it to 668 Mt. Lake Road, Hedgesville, WV 25427.  For Easter, cash donations will help offset the cost of hams and other fresh food such as apples and other fruit, rolls, butter, bread, eggs, potatoes, celery, onions, carrots. applesauce, and cherry pie.  Please note that we cannot use any extra ham certificates; there is only one allowed per order. 

Food drop-off dates and times at the Chapel pavilion are given below.  If you need to make other arrangements, please contact Judy Snyder (

Sunday:  March 27 – 12-1 pm

Sunday, April 3 – 12-1 pm

Saturday, April 9 – 1-2 pm

Sunday, April 10 – 12-1 pm

Thank you for your role in making Easter a little brighter this year for families in need!


Outreach Committee

Vicki Cooper, Sheila Joy, Laura Powell, Kris O'Brien, Gayle Remenick, Donna Watson and Judy Snyder

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