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Joys and Celebrations 

Updated Message from Beckie Loya:

Beckie Loya and James Campbell were married on May 27 and have shared the message below, their new address, and some photos.  We wish them a joyful and long life together.  They will forever be a part of our Chapel family and will still periodically join us for services. Lots of love to them, Adrianna and Hope!


"We thought we'd share some wedding photos for the chapel members, many of whom have been so loving and supportive over the years. The weather was absolutely perfect that day and we couldn't have asked for more.  Special thanks goes out to Rev. Glenn Young, Sheila Joy, Nancy Page and the Allens, who helped make it all possible.  


Our new address is: 

587 Martinsburg Rd.

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Address Change for Adrianna Loya:

Adrianna now has a new address at Milton Hershey School. I know several people have sent her cards and notes over this past year, but they just moved her into a new home. She's now at:


Adrianna Loya

SH Naples

100 Venice Drive 

Hershey, PA 17033


Things have been really tough for her up there, especially lately, and she definitely needs extra prayers and encouragement. She may not be the best at writing back, but she loves to receive mail. 



Veteran's Day Parade Photos:

It's never too late to celebrate our veterans!  Thanks to Sheila Hampton for sharing these!




















Arlene Ruckle:

One of our Chapel members and former Council member, Arlene Ruckle, recently moved to the Baltimore area to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Her new home is:

1634A Morse Rd,

Forest Hill, MD. 21050



Peggy Jones to Celebrate 90th Birthday:

We just learned that our dear friend and longtime member of Hedges Chapel, Peggy Jones, has moved from The Woods to be nearer to family. Typical of her, Peggy didn't want a fuss made, so she left without telling us. But, you may join us in sending her a card or note. Her address is:

Peggy Jones 

9657  Belair  Road,  Apt.1409,

Nottingham  MD  21236.   

Also of note, Peggy's  90th  birthday  is  Jan. 3rd. Let's all wish Peggy much happiness in her new home.

Jjaja Teddy, Wasswa's Grandma:

We received the following update from Penny Gladwell about Wasswa and his grandma, Jjaja Teddy. Wasswa is the grandson of longtime Chapel member Gail Robbins. Some folks have been asking about them, so here it is - God is good!


A year ago, Wasswa's grandmother (Jjaja Teddy) was near death. Jjjaja Teddy has Type 2 diabetes and if it weren't for friends, the Deckard Family, she likely would have succumbed to the disease last November. The Deckards put the family in contact with a diabetes' specialist in the States who was able to refer them to the top diabetes' doctor in Uganda. Two weeks ago, although she was still frail, her health was much improved. Today a message was received that she has regained the use of her left hand which had been partially paralyzed the past two years!

This was the first time in 14 years Wasswa wasn't able to visit his Jjaja. She's so proud of him though, and was thrilled to receive the gifts Tukutana colleagues and his mother brought her: food, soap, a live turkey, photos, and a well-earned "Naval Academy Grandma" baseball cap!

Thanks to each of you who've prayed (and continue to pray) for Jjaja Teddy!

Adrianna Loya

Adrianna has been accepted at the Milton S. Hershey School in Hershey PA.  Many have asked how they can keep in touch with her when she is away from home. 


She can receive letters, cards and photos.  Other items would have to include enough for 11 girls and should be limited to non-edibles, due to the sugar factor as well as allergies.

The photo to the left below was taken by Sheila Joy at Adrianna's celebration after the service on July 31.  The one to the right is from her first day of school at MHS.  We wish her well!

Adrianna 2.jpeg
Adiranna 300065650_10225260086523411_2966394090530602617_n.jpg
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