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Survey on Reopening Hedges Chapel for Live Services 

Planning for Hedges Chapel Re-opening for Live Services


Dear sisters and brothers in Christ:


Current local conditions related to COVID-19 have raised hopes that we might soon be able to resume Sunday Worship Services in the Chapel. We are blessed to live in a community where a large percentage of our Chapel and community members have been fully vaccinated and reported cases of the virus have been very few.


During the time Chapel has been closed, we have been preparing for when we are able to reopen. The newly installed sound system is fully operational, and there are additional speakers in both the Fellowship Hall and the outside covered pavilion. We are preparing to install new ceiling fans, and the air handling unit in the Fellowship Hall has been replaced. The facilities would be sanitized weekly prior to services. We have learned that the hymnals will be safe to use after 3/5 days from the previous use. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of simultaneously offering online services via GoToMeeting, at least in the short term. It is anticipated that fellowship hour would not be offered at the outset.


Certain requirements would remain in place, such as wearing masks when indoors and while singing, and using designated seating under somewhat reduced social distancing based on Governor Justice’s revised guidelines.


We wish to have input from you, the members, as to whether we should resume services, and under what conditions/limitations.


Please review the following questions, and send your reply to this email address:

1.    Would you attend live services at this time? If no, when?

2.    Should we require vaccination to attend live services (honor system)?

3.    Would you utilize overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall and/or outside covered pavilion once the           Chapel designated seating has been filled on a first-come, first seated basis?

4.    What concerns would you need to have addressed in order to feel safe in returning?

5.    Have we missed something? Additional input is welcome.

Once your responses are received, Council and the Worship Committee leadership will meet to make a final determination as to whether we open back up or not, and if so, effective as of when. We request your prayerful response by Friday, May 14, 2021. All responses will be held in strictest confidence.

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