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AMENDED BYLAWS, September 9, 2018



The membership of the church is open to any Christian believer, who will attend and support the church.  The intent of the church is to provide a place of worship for everyone who wishes to participate.  Single and dual memberships will be accepted.


Anyone who has not been active for a period of one year will be moved from the active roll to the inactive roll.
Membership may be terminated upon request for transfer or termination.


A quorum for the purchase or sale of property, incurring of indebtedness, calling of a pastor, or amending the constitution will be 51% of the active membership, present or represented by a proxy.

A quorum for all other business will consist of 25% of the active membership.



The church council will consist of seven (7) active members.  From the elected members, they shall elect their own Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. 

There shall be a treasurer who shall be elected by the active membership.  The treasurer is responsible for the dispersing of funds.  There shall be a financial secretary which shall be elected by the active membership.  The financial secretary can also hold the position of treasurer until such time as the active membership sees fit to separate the two positions. 


The church council members will serve staggered three year terms.  Members shall be eligible for reelection.  

The church fiscal year will be from January 1 through December 31. 

Should a vacancy occur during the term of a Council member, the Council may appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of time until the next Congregational Meeting.


It will be the responsibility of the church council to appoint such committees as they deem necessary for the needs of the church, and shall be free to draw from the active membership for service on those committees.

Each committee shall elect a committee chair and vice chair annually.


Cemetery funds will be held in accounts separate and apart from the funds of Hedges Chapel.  The minimum amount to set aside for the perpetual care of the cemetery will be $20,000.  Any amount of funds in the cemetery accounts in excess of the minimum can be used solely for the beautification and maintenance of the cemetery.  If Hedges Chapel expends any of its funds for beautification and maintenance of the cemetery, the cemetery will reimburse Hedges Chapel for those expenditures.  



Church worship services will be conducted each week on Sunday and such other occasions as desired.

A congregational meeting will be held during September of each year following the morning worship service.  The council may call additional congregational meetings if needed.



Amendments to the constitution and bylaws may be made at any regular business meeting of the church, provided such amendments have been published in the church bulletin on each of the four Sundays preceding this business meeting, and a written copy of the proposed amendment has been furnished to each member present at the business meeting.

Amendments to the constitution and bylaws shall be adopted by a majority vote of those active members present at a properly called business meeting, providing the quorum requirements are met.  
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