Current Events

Our Next Sunday Service: 

On Sunday, October 31, John R. Yost will be our speaker for our in-person service.  His sermon is titled 

“Shiny Christians” with the scripture readings of John 8:12, Matthew 5:14-16 and other scriptures. 

If you are looking for a church home in the area, we encourage you to visit us.  All are welcome!


The Council of Hedges Chapel remains mindful of health related concerns surrounding the COVID virus and its variants. While not mandated, if you are unvaccinated, we respectfully request wearing a mask while in The Chapel.  Otherwise, please consider using The Pavilion which is equipped with an effective audio system or The Fellowship Hall where sliding doors will be open and which is also equipped with a sound system.  We wish everyone to feel comfortable and welcome while practicing familiar safety protocols for mask-wearing, distancing, etc.

The speaker schedule for future services may be found on the services page. 

Invitation to Celebration of Life for Peggy Helmick from Hedgesville Presbyterian Church:

Dear friends and neighbors in Hedgesville,  Peggy Helmick was a beloved and active member of the Hedgesville community who passed away last November.  Her family would like to invite all her friends and neighbors to a Celebration of Life and Life Eternal to be held at Hedgesville Presbyterian Church on Monday November 8, 2021 at 1 pm.  Thank you!   Rev. Vanessa M. Smith, Pastor, Hedgesville Presbyterian Church

Prayer Needs:

Please join us in prayers for Audrey Rowe, wife of Howard Stanback and Phyllis Brinson, wife of Bob, during their time of grieving. 

See the request for prayers for Beverly Howard on our special concerns page.  

Looking Forward to the Holidays?

Soon we'll be starting our collection of non-perishables and cash for our Holiday Food Basket Program.  We hope to provide for 10-12 families at Thanksgiving and at Christmas.  Our Christmas Angel program, gifts of clothing for the children of these families, will continue as well.  Watch this news section of the website in the next few weeks to learn how you might participate. 

Minute for Mission:  Toys for Tots of Morgan County 

The mission of the Toys for Tots program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December and to distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to local children in need as verified by various social service agencies of the county. The program is run under the direction of the Lions Club of Morgan County.  The chapel makes a yearly cash donation from its outreach funds and toys are purchased by the Lions Club.  A donated storage locker allows for the purchase of toys on sale throughout the year.  


As in the past, each child will receive one big gift (like a bike, play kitchen, etc.) and several smaller ones.  Also, each child will get at least 5 books to take home. Several years ago, our outreach committee was able to help directly one of our food basket recipient families in great need that we learned about just a few days before Christmas.  The family had various emergency situations that year which caused them to miss the deadlines to apply for assistance but we were able to get help from Toys for Tots of Morgan County who stepped in and provided gifts for the children.   


Minutes from Congregational Meeting Available:

The minutes of the congregational meeting on September 19th are now available on the website in the members only section here.  

Scenes from the Annual Congregational Meeting:

The annual congregational meeting was held after the service on September 19, 2021.  Arlene Ruckle and Bill Herbert were elected to fill two vacant one year terms and Council members Nancy Page and Sheila Hampton were re-elected to 3 year terms.  Dave Gladwell was re-elected as Treasurer.  After the meeting, the Council met and elected Lee Conlon to continue as Chair, Sheila Joy as Vice Chair and Sheila Hampton as Secretary.

CM 21 Sheila announces.JPG

Photos L to R:  Lee Conlon, Council Chair hosts the meeting; Peter VanKleeck, new chair of Worship Committee gives his report; Sheila Joy announces the election results and Lee and Dave Cooper sing "Crying in the Chapel." 

[photos courtesy of John Maynard]

Outreach Committee Annual Report Available

As a followup to their report at the Congregational Meeting, the annual report of the Outreach Committee is now available on the website here.  

Worship Committee Suggestions/ Comments Sought 

If you have suggestions or comments about our Fall and Christmas worship schedule, but were not able to attend the August 29 meeting, please contact Peter VanKleeck, Worship Committee Chair at

Overwhelming Response School Supplies Drive for Local Elementary School:

The outreach committee is overjoyed at the response to its annual collection of much-needed school supplies for Pleasant View Elementary School located on Route 9 just over the Morgan County border.  Thanks to all in the congregation and the general Woods community who gave so generously!  The supplies will be given to children whose parents cannot supply them or used to replenish the teachers’ supplies.  We filled the back of Katherine's pickup truck and overflowed into Vicki's SUV!  Thanks to Sheila who coordinated the project as well as all the outreach team who worked on it.


21 school 1.jpg
21 school.2.jpg
21school 3.jpg
21 school.jpg

New Special Needs or Concerns Page in the Members Only Section

From time to time, individuals or families in the congregation or immediate community may need help in some way beyond our prayers.  A new page has been started to share these concerns for as long as our involvement would be helpful.  For privacy reasons, this is a password protected page. The password is the same for all members only sections.  If, in the future, you know of someone who should be added to the Concerns page, please share the details by contacting us.

Birthdays and Anniversaries:

Are your special days included on our chapel calendar of events?  if not, please send them to us.  We don't want to miss anyone!  

Sunday Sermon Archives Available:

Information about all past speakers and sermons for 2021 are available in a special section under the services menu tab.  Thanks to Kat for this idea!

Fellowship Hall Open for Groups and Event Rentals:

The Council of Hedges Chapel is pleased to announce the opening of our Fellowship Hall for group meetings and events.  Please contact Sheila Joy to reserve a date and time for your club, group or business meeting; wedding; birthday or anniversary celebration; family reunion, etc.  

Our rental fee remains $25 for standing groups (weekly/monthly repeat).  The fee for a one time event is either $50 or $100+ as indicated on the rental agreement.  Once a date and time have been confirmed by Sheila, you will need to complete the agreement and return it to her along with the rental fee check.  

We are pleased to announce the lifting of face mask and social distancing restrictions for groups.  Should a COVID virus or other community health concern arise in the future the Council will respond appropriately and provide notice accordingly.  As has always been our practice, we ask that you wipe down surfaces prior to your departure leaving the premises clean and tidy for the next group.  A copy of the rental agreement is available for your review in the facilities section of this website.  

Recent Events

Photos from the Farewell Potluck August 15

The Larsons and the Rudolphs returned for a potluck immediately following the chapel service on the 15th.  We welcomed the opportunity to see them again, honoring their membership and service to Hedges Chapel.  Thanks to Rick Powell for capturing the moment!


Volunteer Gardening

Thanks to the Gois family -- Carl Howard's son-in-law Orlando, daughter Lita, and granddaughters Abigail and Alison -- who did some volunteer gardening at the Chapel.  You will notice and appreciate the much neater look, when you arrive for service or visit the chapel.  


Chapel Council Minutes

The latest council minutes from July 13 are now available in the members only section.  If you are in need of the password for this section, please contact us.  

Keeping in Touch: 

A revised digital Member Directory is available, thanks to the work of Steve Rudolph and the Worship Committee.  It can be found in the "members only" section of this website.  Please send any corrections or additions to us via the contact page.    

New Website Section: 

If you missed descriptions and photos from recent news everts, you can now find most in our past news highlights section.  

Chapel Has Re-opened!

Hedges Chapel re-opened for in-person worship on May 30.  Beginning Sunday July 4, we will no longer require masks to be worn and social distancing will be left to personal preference.  Outdoor covered seating is also available, as well as in the air-conditioned Fellowship Hall for folks still wanting to keep their distance. Our new sound system works in those locations as well. In the near future we will also resume fellowship hour following worship service, beginning with a pot luck for members who have recently moved away.  For the safety of all, the council and the worship committee will continue to monitor local COVID-19 indicators to respond to current conditions. 

Photos from Chapel Reopening

Thanks to Penny for these photos of our May 30, Memorial Day, service.


Augmented Website: 

As we continue to develop this website, we are seeking contributions of chapel memories, photos and/or favorite Bible verses to include in those sections.  Please contact us if you have items for inclusion, ideas for new sections or information to be added that would be helpful to you.