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Worship Services

Sunday services are held at 11:00 a.m.  Holy Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month.  

Please email any comments and suggestions to Lee Conlon, Council Chair, at  


Schedule of Speakers

November 5 -- Rev. Glenn Young (Daylight Savings Time)

                   12 -- Rev. John Yost

                   19 -- Rev. Carl Howard

                   26 -- Rev. John Cushwa

December 3 -- Rev. Nancy Page 

                  10 -- Rev. John Yost. 

                  17 -- Mary Gunderson King                                            

                  24 -- Rev. Marion Phillips, regular service

                  24  -- Rev. Nancy Page, Christmas Eve

                  31 -- Rev. Nancy Page

Dates in BOLD are communion Sundays


Pastor on Call:

October:  Rev. Glenn Young

November:  Rev. Carl Howard

December:  Rev. Nancy Page

Hedges Chapel
Hedges Chapel

Bible Study

Tuesday Bible Study:

The Tuesday Bible Study facilitated by Doug Hilleboe has ended for year.  It will resume again next spring. 

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