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Worship Services

Sunday services are held at 11:00 a.m.  Holy Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month.  

Please email any comments and suggestions to Dan McCandless, Council Chair, at


Schedule of Speakers

May 5 -- Peter VanKleek and Rev. Carl Howard  

       12 -- Rev. Nancy Page 

       19 -- Rev. John Cushwa.

       26 -- Rev. John Yost


June 2 -- Rev. Penny Gladwell         

         9 -- Rev. John Yost 

       16 -- Mary Gunderson King 

       23 -- Rev. Marion Phillips

       30 -- Rev. Glenn Young   


Dates in BOLD are communion Sundays


Pastor on Call:

May: Rev. Penny Gladwell

June: tba



Hedges Chapel
Hedges Chapel

Bible Study

Tuesday Bible Study:

The Tuesday Bible Study facilitated by Doug Hilleboe will resume on Tuesday May 21 at 11:00 and meet for an hour every week at that time through September. Everyone is welcome and no additional materials are needed just your favorite Bible. We will be starting with Galations. 

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