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Hedges Chapel


Hedges Chapel was built as a log structure, although its logs are no longer visible.  In 1885 its exterior was covered with white-painted, German-style wood planks, and its 15-foot-high interior walls were clad in plaster.  The original logs remain between the two façades silently supporting the chapel, as they have for over 170 years.  Originally the chapel had a simple shingle roof, replaced by a slate roof in 1905 and the current metal roof in 1939.

Today, when you enter the chapel you will find a simple, elegant interior.   While it has been updated over the years, the chapel reflects its heritage as a small country church.   The congregation worships on the original pews that were built from planks sawn from local trees in 1850.  The original kerosene lanterns that illuminated the chapel have been replaced by electric lights, and overhead fans have been added to circulate air.  One of the last of the pioneer vestiges to go was the 1905 wood-burning stove, making way for today’s baseboard electric heat and heat pumps that also provide air conditioning.   

The Roland keyboard, located in front of the pews, was donated by a Chapel member.  It offers the capability of producing large varieties of instrument sounds, including piano and organ of course, and so much more.  Instrument sounds can be “layered” for even more sound options.  The keyboard is connected to an external amp to accommodate your personal choice of volume and bass versus treble levels.   A modern sound system has been installed. 


The Chapel building was added to the National Historic Registry in October of 2002 for its local significance.   It is available for rentals for weddings and other ceremonies, concerts, presentations, etc.  The Chapel capacity is 80 people.  Recently, the chapel sound system was upgraded to provide a higher quality listening experience in the Chapel.  Sound speakers are also available to extend coverage to the fellowship hall and the outside covered pavilion if needed. 


For more details about renting the chapel, please contact us.  A sample rental agreement may be found here

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