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2023 PVES School Supplies Drive 



The Outreach Committee will again be collecting much-needed school supplies for student and teacher use at Pleasant View Elementary School in nearby Morgan County.  These will be given to children whose parents cannot supply them or used to replenish the teachers’ supplies.  Please purchase only from among these items as school storage space is limited.  We will collect your donated items through Sunday, August 13 to deliver by the start of school. 


We request that anyone interested should arrange to purchase supplies rather than donate cash if at all possible.  Grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Michaels etc. all have summer school supply sales and one can order online for quick and easy pick-up at their door or home delivery.  

Download the PDF here to take shopping  Thanks, as always, for your generosity!   


Note: * starred items represent the greatest needs. (#) represents number of grades asking for child to supply this item.

***** Boxes of tissues (6)

*** Gallon, quart, sandwich, or snack size bags that zip (each grade different) (4)

*** Clorox (Lysol) wipes (3)

* Baby wipes (2)

* Paper towels (2)

Glue sticks (6)

#2 pencils (5)

Black or blue Expo/ dry erase markers (4)

Backpacks or bookbags (4)

Scissors (blunt tipped for lower grades, sharper for upper grades) (4)

Water bottle, sealable, plastic (3)

Dry marker erasers (3)

8 pack of Crayola Crayons (kindergarten and first grade only)

24 or 48 pack of crayons (2)

Box of colored pencils (3)

Hand-held pencil sharpener that holds shavings (2)

Highlighters (any color) (2)

Zippered pencil pouches (large size) (3)

Pencil boxes (large size) (2)

Liquid glue (1)

Post-it notes or index cards (1)

Pencil erasers (1)

2-pocket folders (1)

Folders with prongs (1)

Composition notebooks and 3 subject notebooks – wide ruled (1)

Wide-ruled spiral notebooks (2)

Pack of loose-leaf paper (2)

Brown paper lunch bags (1)

Play-doh (any color) (kindergarten)

Drop-Off Times at Fellowship Hall:

Sunday, July 30 - noon  - 1:00 pm 

Sunday, August 6 - noon - 1:00 pm      

Sunday, August 13 - noon - 1:00 pm   

To schedule an alternate time for drop-off or for pick-up, please phone Kris O'Brien, project coordinator, at 304-283-9678 or contact us 

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