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 Advent Study: Maya Angelou's Advent Poetry

Hedges Chapel Pavilion     

Tuesdays 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.     

Four In-Person Sessions open to all.


November 29

December 6

December 13

December 20


The Christian year begins with the season of Advent, and this way of beginning is itself significant.

We begin in the shadows of despair, war, sorrow, and hate.

For it’s precisely there that the God of grace will arrive, and accordingly,

it’s precisely there that God’s church is called to light candles of hope, peace, joy, and love.

Maya Angelou is an Advent poet extraordinaire, often standing in the shadows and writing of the light, insisting on blessedness and freedom, even as she confronts the pain and injustice of the world. Scripture and Angelou’s poetry will be our guides to deepen and enrich our experience of the season – a perfect way to prepare for Christmas day.


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