Chapel Re-opening

It is with great excitement that we announce that our chapel has re-opened.  On Sunday May 30, 2021, we  returned to in-person services at Hedges Chapel. After great consultation between the Chapel Council and Worship Committee we would like to invite you back to live services.  We are no longer providing the Go-To-Meeting option.

Services will be held in the Chapel and there will be certain restrictions we ask everyone to cooperate with:

  1. Attendance in the Chapel will be limited to 60% of our normal capacity (seating areas have been marked).

  2. We ask that if you wish to be seated in the Chapel that you be fully vaccinated (Honor System). Fully vaccinated does mean 2 weeks past your second shot or you have received the Johnson and Johnson single dosage shot two weeks or more prior to attending.

  3. Seating in the Chapel has been arranged to accommodate vaccinated singles, couples and families based on availability, and will be monitored by the ushers.

  4. We will require that masks be worn at all times while in the Chapel and Fellowship Hall, even while singing. If needed, masks will be available as will hand sanitizer. Air filters for the Chapel air handlers have been ordered and will be changed at recommended intervals. Cleaning of the Chapel and Fellowship Hall will be increased between uses.

  5. We also request that you maintain social distancing and please remember that your idea of social distancing may not be the same as someone else.

  6.  Seating will be on a first-come first-serve basis starting from the front to the back of the Chapel with the assistance of our ushers.

  7. Egress from the Chapel will also be led by the ushers starting from the back to the front.

  8. In order to further facilitate safe social distancing, Ministerial greetings following the services will not be offered until a later time, possibly after we gain a greater comfort level with current conditions.

  9. Offerings will be received via a receptacle box located outside the Pavilion.

  10. If you are feeling ill, please remain at home until your condition improves.


Once the Chapel capacity is reached, we also will provide overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall. There is a sound system in the hall that will allow anyone there to hear the service from the Chapel. If you are in the Fellowship Hall, we do ask that you be fully vaccinated, wear your mask and respect social distancing.

If you are not vaccinated, we still welcome you to join us in the covered Pavilion where we suggest you do wear a mask and maintain social distancing. The sound system also works in the Pavilion and anyone seated there should be able to hear the service quite well.

Volunteers Needed

 We are in need of volunteers to serve as ushers for our Sunday services. Please contact a Worship Committee Member or a Council Member if you wish to serve.

We are also in need of a volunteer or volunteers to produce the weekly bulletin. Many thanks from all to Bonnie Reinfried for her hard work and devotion in producing the bulletin in recent times. 

Many thanks to Kat Cooper for producing the GoToMeeting service for us over the past year plus. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to her for all that she has done. Also, a thank you to Donna Dean for assisting Kat in preparing the Power Point presentations.

Finally, we will not be offering the fellowship hour at this time. As we move forward, we will revisit this, but the Chapel Council and Worship Committee feel that this should be part of the second phase of our reopening.

Blessing to you all,

The Hedges Chapel Council and Worship Committee